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We strive to build and maintain trust and respect for our clients and tax authorities. Our methods and automated processes provide current and relevant tax information. Secondly, to detect in an agile and structured manner those tax benefits that could favor our clients.

Bookkeeping Group

The constant changes in tax legislation, along with the challenges of today’s economy, have changed the company’s perspectives and priorities around the world. These circumstances involve new and greater demands of companies, by requiring the review of internal controls of reevaluation of tax planning strategies.

We want your company to prosper

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Our tax department has a team of professionals specializing in tax advice therefore we are working to provide valuable answers to the growing needs of our customers; strengthening our capabilities and providing a high quality service.
We work closely with our clients, advising and /or reviewing the tax returns established by the law. We also work with clients to form a tax planning including a detailed analysis of the allowable deductions that lead to reduced tax duties.